Accessories: Anti-Freeze necesseties

Head and neck savers

bonnet Canuck

Canuck cap (RWCAN)

Raven Wear's Canuck cap

Our most popular hunting hat. Fleece outer layer and wind barrier inner layer. Windproof and warm. Long ear flaps (no wind barrier in these) which can be folded up when it gets warm. Keeps heat in but lets body moisture out.

Sizes are: M, L, XL, XXL but we'll need your head measurement to be sure.

Canuck cap RWCAN $50.00
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Fleece facemask

Masque facial

Fleece facemask (RWFM)

Good periferal vision from this comfy facemask. Notice the split on the sides to reduce bulk around the neck.

Unlined fleece. One size fits most as the fleece is a bit stretchy. RWFM $25.00
Fleece lined with wind barrier RWFMC $50.00

For the Fleece lined with wind barrier, We'll need your head measurement for this one since the wind barrier has no stretch. Take head measurement in inches and add 3 inches for a comfortable fit.

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Neck gaitor (RWNG)

Neck gaitor

The perfect neck protection in any cool or cold weather situation. Splits sides reduce bulk and keep your chest and shoulders warm and toasty. The perfect warm companion to the Canuck Cap.

Unlined RWNG $20.00
Lined with wind barrier RWFMNGC $35.00
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Skull cap (RWSK)

Skull cap

Single layer fleece skull cap - wind-resistant and water-repellent.

Skull cap RWSK $25.00
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Noggin' Boggin'

L'enmitouffleur L'enmitouffleur

Noggin' Boggin' (RW500EF)

Rated Best of the Test in Field & Stream Magazine December 2007

A more advanced version of the Canuck cap, this great head warmer offers a brim and ear flaps for maximum protection. It is fully fleece and wind barrier lined. Three layers keep you warm. The flaps fold over in the front to keep the front of your neck warm and fill up the V gap in your jacket. We'll need your head measurement for this one too. We have a good selection in inventory.

Noggin' Boggin' RW500EF $80.00
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Anti-Freeze hand savers

Hand savers


Hand savers (RWAFHS)

Windproof, sherpa-lined pocket mitts with no thumbs. Clip onto your outer pockets and wear a liner glove. Stretch fleece cuffs are roomy for ease of entry. Rest your hands in these mitts for a quick warm up while bowhunting on a chilly day.
One size fits all.

Hand savers RWAFHS $60.00
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The convert-a-muff


The convert-a-muff (RWCAM)

The convert-a-muff. The world's only patented handmuff BUT it's much more!!

This is the only patented multi-use hand muff in the world. It's a muff, a seat warmer, a tree shirt, a gear carrier, a knee warmer, a back warmer, a rifle or camera cover and even a foot warmer! What more can you ask for? Designed by one of our lady Pro-Staffers, Bonnie Friend. Bonnie is avid outdoors person and hunts with a muzzle loader as well as a bow. The demand for this great item continues to grow every day. It is an indispensable item for any outdoor enthusiasts. By the way, it's a great thing to take to outdoor football or soccer games or any outdoor sport for that matter.

Convert-a-muff RWCAM $80.00
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Mitaines de polar

Fleece mitts (RW99-L)

Fleece mitts

Lined with wind barrier and a light fleece liner. Stretch fleece cuffs. Comfy and cozy.
Sizes are: M, L, XL

Mitts RW99-L $45.00 per pair
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Mitaines avec index

Split mitts (RW98-L)

Split mitts

Palm is designed for shooting ease when hunting with a rifle.

Grandeurs disponibles: M, L, XL

Split mitts RW98-L $55.00 per pair
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Gants en polar

Fleece gloves (RWFG)

Fleece gloves

Single layer fleece with Stretch fleece cuffs. Great companions to the Convert-A-Muff.

Single layer RWFG $30.00
Double layer RWFGD $55.00

Anti-Freeze feet and leg savers

Leg gaitors

These gaitors feature a drawstring top, elastic mid-section and elastic cuffs with eyelets for securing under boots. Height is approx. 18".
Standard circumference.

Unlined RWGT $70.00
Windproof with wind barrier RWGTC $95.00
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Fleece socks

Great for wicking moisture away from your feet. Made of 4 way stretch fleece. Remember to take your felts out of your boots at night to dry them out. Never, ever wear cotton socks when outdoors in cool and cold weather.
Small 6-7,
Medium 8-9,
Large 10-11,
XL 12,
XXL 13

Socks RWSOX $12.00 per pair
$20.00 for 2 pairs
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Toasty Soles

Reflective aluminized plastic bubble insoles bounce heat back to your feet and keep moisture off the bottom of your feet.
Come as a size 11. rim if needed for smaller sizes.

Toasty soles RWTSTY $5.00 per pair
$8.00 for 2 pairs
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The booties are designed to be worn over your thick socks or felt liners from your boots. No zip up the back. You could also wear the booties inside your boot blankets which do zip up the back. Comprised of 4 layers: 2 of fleece, 1 of sherpa (fuzzy grey lining shown), and an inner lining of windbarrier.

Booties RWBOOTIES $125.00 per pair
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Boot blankets


Boot blankets (RWBB)

Boot blankets are designed to be worn over your pack boots, mid-weight boots or even your felt liners. We have patterns to fit pack boot or slimmer boot styles. Just give us your boot size and type. These covers are 4 layers thick. One layer of sherpa (gray lining), 2 fleece layers, and one of wind barrier. No more cold feet!! These are the icing on the cake for your Anti-Freeze System. If your feet ain't happy, you ain't happy. Now all day on the stand in sub-zero weather IS possible!

Boot blankets RWBB $160.00 per pair
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